Wedding Dance Lessons

"The One and Done"

1 Lesson - $150

You'll learn basic movements and steps that you will be able to use for your specific song and be given an intro.

"The Comfort" Package

3 Lessons - $450

We will take the stress away from you having to decide on the spot which steps to use by learning how to string together movements from beginning to end, including spins, and an introduction to your dance as well as a final pose. This will allow for a more comfortable and confident dance which ensures much better photographs.


"Nailed It" Package

5 Lessons - $725

You will receive all of the above comfort but the extra lessons will allow for even more intricate movements, and the ability to finely clean the details of the dance. 

This is best for extreme beginners who are looking to do something a little more elevated.

"Dancing With the Stars" Package

7 Lessons - $1000

After these lessons there will be no question in your mind how your first dance will go. You will have a full dance, spins, dips, and plenty of tricks in your dance repertoire that will last a lifetime. You will feel so confident the day of your wedding and so connected to your new spouse, you will be sure to awe your guests! 

 Wedding Dance Crash Course - $500

One 3 Hour Lesson or 2 90 minute Lessons. This lesson (or lessons) will be jam packed with basic movement, elevated movement, turns, dips, and lifts if wanted. We will spend the first half working on building your confidence in the basic movements and start to put your dance together and figuring out the length of your dance as well as the cut of music. The second half will be complete choreography from beginning to end.

This option is best for people with limited time**


"Customized E-Course" - $350

This is for the couples who really want to learn a dance but just don't have the time to get to a lesson. After a phone consultation, you will receive a private youtube video with customized choreography broken down into easy to learn sections. Your video will be there for you to watch as many times as you'd like. 


Check Out Our Wedding Lesson Compilation Video!

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